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What to Expect and FAQs for Employees

On Arrival

When you arrive at the Skin Screen location, you will be given a concise skin health questionnaire and consent form to fill out prior to attending the doctor.

This will allow the doctor to assess your Skin Cancer risks in terms of skin type, personal and family history of skin cancers and moles etc.

You will NOT be expected to fill in lengthy personal medical details - these are not relevant to this screening.

It is recommended that you arrive a few minutes before your appointment to read the information and fill out the form.

IMPORTANT: For reasons of medical confidentiality - this form is not to be returned to the company staff. Your form is personally handed to the doctor by yourself at the start of the consultation.

What happens during the consultation?

Please bring your completed Skin Cancer Questionnaire/ consent form into the room with you. The Doctor will ask you about your history of sun exposure, past history and family history relating to skin cancers. Please let the doctor know if you have noticed any spot that has recently changed or appeared for the first time.

The doctor will be then examining the moles on your skin. Please let the doctor know clearly at the start of the consultation if you wish for:
  • A full body examination (undress to underwear)
  • An upper body check (remove shirt/ blouse only)
  • An individual spot check where only one or two moles of concern are checked
Although a full body examination is recommended, you are free to choose the level of examination. Dressing and undressing will be behind a screen for privacy.

Any unusual moles will be screened for skin cancer using the latest computerized technology (Molemate). This is a visible light based device with no radiation or Xrays involved. It is completely safe to all age groups and safe in pregnancy.

A medical record will be kept by the doctor and taken back to the clinic for secure storage.

Is this technology safe?

The Molemate technology is a visible light based device with no radiation or X-rays involved. It is completely safe to all age groups and safe in pregnancy.

What if a Skin Cancer or Suspicious Mole is found?

This session is only for basic skin screening. If further treatment is needed you will be given written instructions on what is needed and can choose to book in at the Skin and Mole Clinic.

In this case you will be able to have all consultations and treatments carried out at the clinic.

Alternatively you can attend your local GP with your report to be referred to a specialist of his/her choice.

What Does Follow up treatment involve?

If you have to visit our clinic for follow up one of several treatment options may be recommended:
  • Molemax Observation - A highly magnified digital image is scanned into the computer and reviewed after a few weeks/months to see if it is changing
  • Biopsy - A small part of the lesion is removed under local anaesthetic for pathology testing
  • Excision - The whole lesion is removed under local anaesthetic and then sent for pathology.
  • Cryotherapy - Freezing treatment for pre cancerous sunspots (Solar Keratoses)
  • Referral to a Dermatology or Surgical specialist if your problem warrants it

Will any treatments be carried out on the day?

No treatments, biopsies, prescriptions, referrals or excisions will be carried out at during the workplace Skin Screen.

Will My Results be made to my Employer?

No personal medical information is ever shared with your employer. Please be assured that your medical details are confidential. Your medical history and screening results will be taken back to our clinic for secure storage.

Your employer will receive an overall summary of company screening results- from which your personal details and medical findings cannot be identified.

How Secure is My Personal and Medical Data?

The Skin & Mole Clinic complies with the Privacy Act (1988) and as part of their Privacy Policy is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals and their personal information.

The purpose for collecting and storing your personal information is to provide quality medical and health related services and associated account keeping. You have the right to request access to your information. The Skin & Mole Clinic makes every effort to manage your information in accordance with the National Privacy Principles and keep your records accurate and secure.

You may withdraw your consent for The Skin & Mole Clinic to use and disclose your personal information (except when legal obligations must be met).

If you have any questions at all regarding the collection, storage, use or disclosure of your personal information by The Skin & Mole Clinic, please contact Brooke McMahon, Corporate Health Programs Coordinator (08) 9301 1825.

Any Further Tips to make life easier?
  • Do turn up on a few minutes early for your appointment. If you are late or miss your appointment is may not be possible for you to be seen later in the day
  • Where possible, wear easy to remove clothing and appropriate underwear
  • Please remove make up prior to seeing the doctor
  • If you are wearing heavy boots please remove/replace them in the waiting area - this will speed up the doctors' turnover time
  • Please let the doctor know if you have noticed any spot that has recently changed or appeared for the first time
  • Skin screening is only one part of looking after your skin and health. Minimizing sun exposure, wearing sun screen and protective clothing and checking your own skin regularly for changes are also very important
Do take advantage of this health promotion initiative organized by your employer. Remember, Melanoma is one of the few cancers that doctors are able to diagnose early.

Remember — Skin Cancer is one of the few cancers that can be diagnosed before it is too late.

If in doubt — get it checked.