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Who Are The Skin & Mole Clinic?

We are the largest and busiest Skin Cancer Clinic in Perth, and we treat hundreds of skin cancers every month.

We specialize in Skin Cancer Medicine - the screening, diagnosis and treatment of Skin Cancers. Our Skin Cancer Centre operates out of state of the art facilities in the Joondalup CBD, and our mobile skin cancer service operates throughout WA.

The majority of our clinic patients come by personal recommendation of friends and family- our doctors have treated thousands of West Australians over the past 5 years.

How Does the Skin Screening Work?

Our Employee Skin Scan is a mobile medical Skin Cancer Service. We come to you, set up in a spare office, and screen your workers. It's as simple as that.

Where Can You Visit?

We are able to operate in offices in Perth, and equally on a fly in/ fly out basis on mine sites in remote WA. All our doctors are fully trained Skin Cancer physicians, and we use the latest Molemate equipment for diagnosing Skin cancer.

What is the Technology you Use?

The Workplace Skin Screen utilises the Molemate Mole Scanner - a portable melanoma screening tool utilizing SIAscopyTM technology. SIAscopyTM combines a scanner and computer software. It is fast, non invasive way of screening workers for melanoma.

What about Worker Downtime?

We understand that your time is money. Hence we organize the skin screening process to minimize disruption to your workplace and workflows. Our doctors run on time, and we generally estimate that each worker screened will be absent from their workstation for an average of 20 minutes.

Are You likely to Find Any Skin Cancers?

Yes, very likely. In fact, in an average day of workplace skin screening, several suspicious moles and/or cancers are usually identified. This provides an instant positive feedback which is uncommon in most health screenings. In turn this reflects well on your company.

Skin Cancer is an extremely common problem - two out of three Australians will get some form of Skin Cancer - and in many cases it will be as result of occupational sun exposure.

What Happens if a Skin Cancer is Discovered?

If further treatment is needed the worker has the choice of attending The Skin & Mole Clinic for treatment, or can take the letter to his/her GP for referral to a skin specialist. In either case any further organization and cost of treatment is not the responsibility of your company.

How Can We Ensure A Good Turnout of Employees?

From our experience of running corporate skin cancer screening-the following tips will ensure a good turnout and
  • Ensure one member of your OHS team is the contact person responsible for the screening-she/he can co-ordinate with our clinic to publicise the screening within your workplace
  • Publicise the skin screen well in advance via your noticeboard, intranet and emails to workers
  • Make it easy for your workers to book skin screen slots
  • Advise all workers that places are limited and on a first come first served basis
  • Provide an incentive for workers to attend on the day e.g. set up a table with morning tea and/or organize a raffle with small prizes eg. A bottle of wine/gift vouchers

How Can We Ensure a Smooth Running on the day of screening?
  • Remind all booked workers the DAY BEFORE and again on the day of screening
  • Please provide us with a suitable private area for our doctor. All we need is a private room with a desk, two chairs and an electrical power point
  • Have someone meet the doctor and take him/her to the designated area
  • Ideally have a member of your OHS staff seated outside the room to hand out pre screening questionnaires etc.
Screening your patients for skin cancer is a powerful indication that you care for your workers health and wellbeing.

In many cases melanoma may be as a result of occupational sun exposure.

Every Melanoma detected by your Skin Screen Program is a workers life saved.