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FACT: 2 in 3 West Australians will get Skin Cancer.

Over the past 15 years the incidence of malignant melanoma has increased at an alarming rate, more than any other cancer. This is due to excessive exposure to sunshine. Skin Cancer is by far the commonest cancer in Australia, and Malignant Melanoma is now one of the commonest causes of death from cancer in young adults.

Skin Cancer can progress Quickly

From a simple mole
To a deadly killer

Fortunately, Skin Cancer can be detected early and treated effectively.

Our Comprehensive Medical service includes:
  • A Full Medical Skin Check
  • Latest High tech Mole Scanning equipment
  • Longer appointments for a thorough check
  • Fully Trained Doctors
  • We can organize all medical treatments on site at our clinic
  • No referral needed – simply phone to book your medical appointment
Skin Cancer will affect two in three Australians. Its is recommended that all adult patients should have an annual Skin Cancer screening.

Not all skin cancers are obvious or noticeable. If you have moles, regularly monitor them for change. If you, or a member of your family, are concerned about any mole or mark on your skin, book in for a total skin examination.

Skin Cancer is one of the few cancers that can be diagnosed before it is too late. Our computerized scanning technology helps identify new moles and changes in size, shape or colour of existing moles.

The Skin and Mole Clinic has diagnosed hundreds of skin cancers in Perth Northern Suburbs patients over the past three years. Our doctors are trained in diagnosis and treatment of all skin cancer types.

Give yourself peace of mind with a full skin check appointment.

Pensioners, Veterans and Children BULK BILLED.
Conditions apply, please call us for more information.


  • Melanomas can kill you
  • MoleMAX is the leading technology in mole scanning
  • Monitor your skin regularly
  • Get an annual medical skin check
  • No referral is needed-book today