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Why Screen Your Workers?

The Corporate Perspective

Screening your patients for skin cancer is a powerful indication that you care for your workers health and wellbeing. Workers are uniformly appreciative of our visits.

It is also a surprisingly affordable for a "high tech" medical service. It is a high end specialised medical service - and will impress your workers much more than many comparably priced OHS services you may have offered in the past.

The Medical Perspective

Two thirds of Australians will get some form of Skin Cancer. The incidence of melanoma has risen at an alarming rate over the past 20 years. Many of the patients struck down with melanoma are young, making this a doubly alarming statistic. Several patients die of melanoma in Australia everyday- many of them in the prime of life. From our experience, it is uncommon that the Clinic carries out a single session of screening without at least one skin cancer and/or several suspicious moles being identified.

"Every Melanoma detected by your Skin Screen Program is a workers life saved."

The Legal Perspective

As an employer, you have a legal liability to your workers with respect to Skin Cancer Prevention. This is over and above your general OHS obligations.

By employing our Skin Screen Service, your OHS Dept will get two extremely important benefits - a full Statistical Report and a Comprehensive Sunsafe Policy Document:

1. Statistical Report: After screening you will receive a full Statistical report of our medical findings. This will outline the number of workers screened and our findings. (For medical confidentiality purposes, individual workers findings cannot be identified from this data)

2. The Sunsafe Policy Document will assist your OHS Dept with: Awareness of your legal obligations in relation to sun protection under the Occupational Health and Safety Acts and OHS Regulations. Developing and Implementing sun protection policies. Provide Leaflets and Posters to raise workers awareness of the risk of exposure to UV Radiation.

This in effect provides you with an instant comprehensive turnkey solution to fulfilling your responsibility as an employer with regard to Skin Cancer and Sun Protection.

"The Cancer Council recommends that all workplaces adopt an ultraviolet (UV) radiation protection program.

The program should include a comprehensive policy and strategies for the early detection and prevention of skin cancer in the workplace."