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Benefits of Using Us

Here are eight good reasons...

1. SMC is a highly professional medical clinic committed to the highest quality in the services it provides. This extends from the point of first contact, through the medical screening process, all the way to ensuring any of your workers with skin cancer are well treated after diagnosis.

2. We understand that your time is money. Hence we organize the skin screening process to minimize disruption to your workplace and workflows. Our doctors run on time, and we generally estimate that each worker screened will be absent from their workstation for an average of 20 minutes.

3. We understand the hassle factor and try our best to minimize it - we will come to you and use our own equipment. All we need is a room or office with electricity.

4. We offer extremely competitive pricing , especially considering that this is a doctor led service. You will be getting a fully trained Skin Cancer Doctor, not a nurse or technician.

5. All our doctors are expert in both screening and treatment of skin cancer - that's what they do every day.

6. Follow Up Care: As a state of the art Skin Cancer Clinic, we can treat most suspicious lesions "in house" at our clinic, if the worker so wishes. This largely eliminates the uncertainty, expense and delays of referrals to third party medical specialists. Any further care incurs no cost to your company.

7. You will find us surprisingly easy to deal with us - especially if you have had bad experiences with the medical system. We specialize in being friendly, personal and efficient! This is important both for your company and for any worker found to have a skin cancer problem.

8. You deal with a single efficient point of contact - our Skin cancer Co-ordinator Jane D'Souza. She can organize everything from initial enquiries to a full company screen - all from a single telephone call.

From our experience, it is uncommon that the Clinic carries out a single session of screening without at least one skin cancer and/or several suspicious moles being identified.

Every Melanoma detected by your Skin Screen Program is a workers life saved.