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Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

PDT: “No Surgery, no Needles, and best of all — no Scars”

A revolutionary treatment for the most common type of skin cancer is available. The Skin and Mole Clinic was the first clinic in the northern suburbs to have Photo Dynamic Therapy - a scientifically proven medical breakthrough. This precisely directed treatment destroys cancer cells, but leaves healthy skin untouched.

Photodynamic therapy is a completely new form of treatment used to treat common skin cancers such as basal cell cancer (BCC). The new treatment involves spreading a cream on the surface of the tumour and then illuminating this area after a set period of time. When, after three hours, the area is illuminated with specialized lamp, a photo-chemical reaction is triggered, and the tumour cells are destroyed. The healthy skin around the tumour is not significantly affected.

Excellent Cosmetic Results

Photodynamic therapy generally produces good cosmetic results, because the treatment results in less scarring than conventional methods. This form of therapy is therefore very good for treating skin lesions on cosmetically sensitive areas such as the face, chest, back and upper arms. Photodynamic therapy can also be used in locations where conventional methods are difficult to use. One example is that of tumours on the lower leg, where cryosurgery is not appropriate, and where conventional surgery may require skin grafts.

Photo Dynamic therapy is a relatively new form of BCC treatment involving an anticancer cream activated by a special lamp.

A big advantage of PDT is the minimal scar left behind—the cosmetic results are generally excellent.