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Mole Mapping

What is Mole Mapping?

This is a comprehensive monitoring of atypical or dysplastic moles as a digital Molemax image on our secure database, where both external and microscopic changes are detectable.

What are Atypical or Dysplastic Moles?

These are irregular moles which may be precursors to the very dangerous melanoma cancer.

If there is a definite history of change in the mole, your doctor will probably recommended its removal.

However, if such a mole is stable, it is not always necessary to remove it. Also, if you have many such moles, surgical removal of them all is neither advisable nor practical.

Advantages of Mole Mapping are:
  • We can monitor for changes in the external appearance of the mole
  • We can be sure of monitoring changes in internal patterns of pigment and blood vessels
  • It avoids unnecessary surgery and scars
  • It can possibly diagnose a melanoma at the very early stages, by detecting up very early changes in atypical moles
  • You will be able to obtain your images on a CD-ROM to take to other Molemax centres worldwide should you move to live elsewhere
  • You will be enrolled in our Mole Map annual follow up program
  • It is a one off investment in your health – we do not charge for annual storage and your follow up appointments are standard medical consultations with a Medicare rebate

Mole Mapping is generally recommended if you have:
  • One or more atypical moles, and/or
  • A family history of Melanoma
  • A previous melanoma removed
  • High risk of Skin Cancer: Freckles, fair skin, childhood sunburn, occupational sun damage.
In all of these cases what is needed is very careful observation to ensure a Melanoma is not missed in the future (Current Skin Cancer Guidelines).

You must regularly check such moles yourself for any obvious change in external appearance. However, it is also important for doctors to monitor them for changes in internal patterns of pigment and blood vessels. This is best done with Molemax digital photography or Mole Mapping.

Mole Mapping is a comprehensive monitoring of atypical or dysplastic moles as a digital Molemax image.

It allows our doctors to monitor your moles for changes which may not be obvious to you.