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Skin Repair Program

Turning Back the Clock – its never too late!

As a combined Skin Cancer and Cosmetic medical clinic, we are mindful that there are always ways to improve your skin quality, reduce the risk of new skin cancers and avoid further surgeries. Hence the following information is available to patients under our care:

Skin Protection Program

For all patients we offer comprehensive information on sun protection, how to choose the best sunscreens and how to monitor your skin against skin cancer. We also offer advice on Skin Rejuvenation - the latest advice, information and products on turning back the clock with simple cosmetic medical products and procedures.

Skin Recovery Program

If you have extreme sun damage and are constantly getting new skin cancers, we have access to the latest medical therapies and creams to slow down the appearance of new cancers and improve your skin. These are known as “Field Treatments”

Field Treatments for Sunspots

Field treatments involve using creams or light based treatments to areas with “wall to wall” keratoses. It is a more practical and humane way to treat patients with dozens or hundreds of SKs on their body.

They also has the advantage of being able to treat the entire sun damaged skin area – not just the scaly bits visible as the “tip of the iceberg”. Hence there is the possibility that such field treatments can prevent more skin cancers from forming than simple spot freezing. All treatments however have significant side effects — they form a surface “ burn” and need a dedicated patient to see the treatment through.

5-Flouro-Uracil cream (Efudix) is most useful when there are many keratoses on the face, scalp ,arms or legs. The cream is applied onto facial skin once or twice daily for two to three weeks. The treated areas become red, raw and uncomfortable. Healing starts when the cream is discontinued, and the eventual result is usually much smoother skin.

Diclofenac in hyaluran gel has been used successfully to treat solar keratoses, with fewer reported side effects than Efudix. Its disadvantage is the long treatment regime – daily for up to 3 months.

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) involves applying a photosensitizer (a porphyrin chemical) to the affected area prior to exposing it to a strong source of visible light. The treated area develops a burn and then heals over a couple of weeks or so.

Pensioners, Veterans and Children BULK BILLED.
Conditions apply, please call us for more information.
There are always ways to improve your skin quality, reduce the risk of new skin cancers and avoid further surgeries.