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Combination Treatments

In many cases , there will be more than one area of concern in your facial appearance . In these cases, you should consider a combination of treatments which will often givea much better overall result.

Bonuses of Combination Treatments

There are several bonuses when considering a combination of facial treatments at the same time. If you are having just one area treated, consider adding a second area to experience the difference. You’ll be amazed with the results.

Firstly, as a general principle—two areas of facial improvement done on the same day seem to give significantly better effect than the improvement of one area alone. If you treat two different areas of the face at the same time , the results seem to add up to “a makeover” of the face.

In other words, you get a much greater improvement in overall facial appearance than with a single treatment alone.

Case Study 1:
In this example both Nasolabial lines and Marionette lines have been treated with dermal fillers. The entire lower face has received a makeover—a much greater effect than if only some of the lines had been treated



Secondly, certain areas, such as deep forehead frown lines, or upper lip smokers lines—can only be partially treated by a single treatment type eg a filler or a wrinkle relaxer alone. A much more complete result is obtained by treating the same area with both filler and a wrinkle relaxer together.





Thirdly, combination treatments in the same area are “synergistic” . They seem to not only look better but also last longer than the single treatment. For example, if a filler and a wrinkle relaxer is given simultaneously it will often act to improve the longevity of the filler. The explanation is simple— if an area cannot move because of the wrinkle relaxer, the filler substance will be absorbed much more slowly, giving a longer lasting result.

Case Study 3:
A Dermal Filler treatment can last longer if also treated with a wrinkle relaxer.



Fourthly, combination treatment of adjacent facial areas can result in economies because treatment areas can overlap. This means that less product is needed than if you treated them separately.

Case Study 4:
A good example is the wrinkle relaxer treatment of both frown lines and worry lines on the same day. In these areas of the forehead the treatment areas overlap— and you do not need to treat the overlap area twice.

Hence, even though each area usually needs 20 units of wrinkle relaxer, treating both areas at the same time may only need 30- 35 units - a saving of 5– 10 units.



Our Combination Treatment Discount

The best news of all is that Combination Treatments done on the same day qualify for a significant discount.

These discounts mean that after the first two treatments, any further treatments will attract a large discount of 20-40%.

When combined with our already competitive pricing - it makes for an unbeatable deal in completing your makeover to full effect.