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Molescan Technology

The Workplace Skin Screen utilises the Molemate Mole Scanner-a portable melanoma screening tool utilizing SIAscopyTM technology. The Molemate features include:
  • Accuracy
  • Non-invasive
  • Rapid Results
  • Painless
  • Detailed Electronic Reports

SIAscopyTM combines a scanner and computer software. It understands the way that light interacts with the skin; the manner in which it scatters or bounces, the amount absorbed by cells and other structures along with the different changes in wavelength or colour.

By understanding these interactions and comparing the light sent into skin with light that comes back out, SIAscopy? is able to determine the nature and position of many of the different components of the skin.

This process is then analysed by using computer software and patients will have an answer within minutes regarding the nature of the lesion or mole in question.

Molemate is an advanced combination of scanner and computer software to assist in diagnosis of skin lesions.

It is quick, non invasive and painless.