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Useful Information
Welcome to
the Skin and Mole Clinic's Information Centre
Skin and Mole Clinic is confident that we offer the best Skin Medical service in Perth. Most of our patients come by personal recommendation of their friends or family. This is setup to share useful information about skin health. We hope you will enjoy reading them.
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Our Safe Clinic Zone Policy

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SMC has established itself and will maintain itself as a "Safe Clinic Zone".

We have established multiple layers of policies (listed below) to protect our patients and are constantly reviewing and updating these policies.

Thankfully the rate of community COVID spread in WA is currently very low, and the measures listed below will make the risk at our clinic even lower.

We are confident and determined that we can help WA's progress against COVID whilst providing an essential cancer service to our patients.


Categories:  All  |  COVID-19  |  Health

As a response to the COVID 19 situation, the Skin & Mole Clinic has implemented the following policies.   The policies are based on the latest medical advice and will be updated as soon as we have new information.