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Useful Information
Welcome to
the Skin and Mole Clinic's Information Centre
Skin and Mole Clinic is confident that we offer the best Skin Medical service in Perth. Most of our patients come by personal recommendation of their friends or family. This is setup to share useful information about skin health. We hope you will enjoy reading them.
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3 Signs of Melanoma You Must Not Miss

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Dr D'Souza and his team will be personally addressing frequently asked questions and other issues in this section. Our aim is to provide expert, medically-based advice that you will find valuable, interesting and reliable. This month we address a vital topic – "3 Signs of Melanoma You Must Not Miss."
The Skin and Mole Clinic - Joondalup - Doctors

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The Skin and Mole Clinic – Joondalup is confident we offer the best skin medical service in Perth.  Our 7 highly experienced and knowledgeable doctors help us achieve this.
Skin Cancer Prevention

Categories:  All  |  Skin Cancer  |  Skin Cancer Prevention
It is important that you take steps to prevent the risk of Skin Cancer, and to detect any new cancer in yourself and/or family members as soon as possible.